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Not much fanfare but Florence Pugh makes 'A Good Person' well worth watching

Film review: A Good Person (15) – seen at The Light Cinema, Wisbech

Starring: Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Celeste O’Connor, Chiniza Uche and Molly Shannon

Running time: 2hr 8 mins Director: Zach Braff

Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman star in A Good Person
Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman star in A Good Person

This film seems to have arrived in British cinemas without much fanfare but, believe me, now it’s here, it’s certainly worth a watch.

Florence Pugh puts in a simply wonderful performance as Allison, a young woman who seemingly has the world at her feet before she is the driver in a fatal car crash.

Her fiancé Nathan’s (Chiniza Uche) sister Molly and her husband Jesse are killed in the accident and Allison’s relationship with Nathan subsequently breaks down.

She is left a shell of her former self, addicted to the drugs prescribed for her pain while back living with her mum.

Meanwhile, Molly’s dad, retired policeman Daniel (Morgan Freeman), is left picking up the pieces, trying to bring up troubled and promiscuous orphan Ryan (Celeste O’Connor).

The main thrust of this film is addiction and how it can happen to good people, hence the title. Allison’s mum Diane (Molly Shannon) is too familiar with the wine bottle and Daniel has been dry for a decade after 50 years of heavy drinking, which resulted in him being a violent and feared dad to Nathan and Molly.

What follows is an unlikely friendship forming between Daniel and Alison after they meet in a group therapy meeting, and this results in her also bonding with Ryan, while all three continue to battle their own individual demons.

The last third of the film leaves you never quite sure how things will pan out for the main three characters.

But Pugh’s brilliance, Freeman’s guaranteed steady performance and a great showing from O’Connor means there’s plenty of tears as well as smiles and laughs along the journey.

By Jeremy Ransome

Rating 8/10

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