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'Accidental' album by Peter James Millson is a slow burning triumph

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Accidental, by Peter James Millson

The contents of some albums, however brilliant they are, can leave you feeling quite low, even guilty for enjoying them – think about the homophobia and misogyny on early Eminem releases.

But this new offering from Dorset-based singer/songwriter Millson has the opposite effect. Its 11 tracks of love, nature, family and mortality make the listener feel good about the world. However bad things seem, he paints a sunny sky on the horizon.

The Accidental: by Peter James Millson (48611441)
The Accidental: by Peter James Millson (48611441)

It's not a collection the listener is straight away drawn too, however. Like many works of depth, it takes several listens until the words and melodies float around your head - a week on the playlist, though, and you're hooked.

Millson called this album The Accidental as he formulated the ideas behind it and wrote the songs while supposedly taking a year away from writing and performing to produce and mix other artists' work.

Yet it almost comes together as if it was meant to be a concept, as his warm, comfortable voice, words, guitars and piano paint a picture of the life he was leading at the time. A quiet one,in and out of studios,with family and within nature.

In fact, his use of simple words and clear descriptions paint vivid pictures of scenes and scenarios these gentle offerings depict.

The album starts with the quite beautiful ballad 'Here', serenading the listener with simple, delightful piano and heartfelt lyrics as Millson tells of the contentment of lone early mornings.

The stand-out track for me is actually about the song writing process itself, but it doesn't really matter about the meaning behind 'It Comes and It Goes', it's upbeat, catchy and life affirming.

The soft and delicate 'Like A Rain' is another favourite of mine. A simple, quiet song about being lost and being in love, it's really moving.

Another I can't get out of my head is the joyous soft rocker 'Sun Goes Down', which is actually more about the joyous feelings the sun brings before it leaves us. 'Magpies Eyes' is another highlight, a real grower that went from filler to thriller for me after a few listens.

And that's probably the key to this album - it does require time. If, like me, you do love discovering new artists, I would recommend giving this album a go, but it's been created free of the burden of commercial shackles and should be treated that way. Like a treasure that takes a bit of time to find.

The album was released on Friday, June 25.

Jeremy Ransome

Rating: 8/10

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