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Lucky cat recovers after 36-hour ordeal

Cat Rescue Barton Bendish'LtoR, Jocelyn and Shendi Keshet-Price with their lucky cat Pyewhacker ANL-160117-092429009
Cat Rescue Barton Bendish'LtoR, Jocelyn and Shendi Keshet-Price with their lucky cat Pyewhacker ANL-160117-092429009

A “lucky” cat has lost one of his nine lives after being trapped for 36 hours before being rescued.

Pyewhacker was stuck in a four-inch gap between a grain hopper and a wall at Albonwise Farms, Barton Bendish, before being rescued in a five-hour operation by RSPCA and fire officers last week.

The four-year-old escaped from his ordeal, dusty, but unscathed and is recovering at home with his owners Dr Jocelyn and Shendi Keshet-Price.

But this is not the first time that adventurous Pyewhacker has got into strife. He had only recently been allowed out of the house after breaking his femur last year.

Dr Keshet-Price said: “He is lucky as he is still alive. It’s amazing. He is on his third or fourth life and using them up quite quickly.

“He suffered no ill consequences as a result of this apart from being dehydrated and desperate for a wee – which he did in the dog’s bed.”

The couple raised the alarm after Pyewhacker, named after the cat in the Bell, Book and Candle story, had been missing for 36 hours.

They found him in the tight gap after the farm manager had remembered seeing Pyewhacker.

RSPCA Insp Chris Nice was drafted in to help, along with North Lynn fire station manager, Tony White, at around 11am on Wednesday.

After some struggles, the pair managed to get Pyewhacker out of the gap using a grabber and lying on top of the hopper.

If that had not worked the farm had offered to allow bricks to be removed to release the cat.

Mr White said: “He was quite submissive and not fighting us so we were able to get him out. It was a good job by the RSCPA.”

Dr and Mrs Keshet-Price have thanked everyone who helped to rescue Pyewhacker.

Dr Keshet-Price said: “People in the countryside are great and pull together.

“Mr Nice and Mr White would have gone to any lengths to get him out.

“Pyewhacker is doing very well but is still very dusty. When you pat him on the side a great cloud of dust comes from him.

“But he was grounded for the rest of the week in the hope that he will forget about the barn next to the hopper.”

Pyewhacker had only recently been allowed out after returning home with a broken femur in August last year.

He was treated by vets in Crimplesham and had to spend weeks in a cage to recover. Pyewhacker had to remain in the house for months.

He had also previously fallen into an empty grain hopper and had to be rescued by Dr Kershet-Price .

She managed to climb down, put him in a rucksack before making her way back up.

The couple also adopted Pyewhacker’s brother Kalashar , who is ‘naughty but not in the same way’.

Both cats were adopted from the RSPCA as kittens four years ago.

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