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Opinion: Animal cruelty, the kindness of strangers and Fenland remains ‘complaint free’ we’ve seen it all this week

There’s barely a week goes by without an email landing in the inbox about animal cruelty of some kind or another.

In recent weeks we have had a cat kicked to death and its tail removed, hedgehogs abused, puppies being dumped with their coats all matted, and the list goes on.

There is absolutely no excuse to ever abuse an animal, and the same goes for dumping them with the hope someone else will pick up the pieces.

The cost of living crisis may have led to an increase in animal cruelty, according to the RSPCA. Picture: RSPCA
The cost of living crisis may have led to an increase in animal cruelty, according to the RSPCA. Picture: RSPCA

I understand with the way things are at the moment financially for many having a furry mouth or two to feed on top of the family can be challenging.

But when you take on a pet whether it’s a cat, dog, rabbit or reptile, you sign up to responsibility for that animal’s well-being over the course of its lifetime.

Now if circumstances change, and there really is no way you can continue to look after that pet, then the least you can do is take it to one of the abundance of animal rescues whether it’s the RSPCA, Woodgreen, Ravenswood Pet Rescue or any of the more specialist ones that can easily be found with a quick check on good old Google, it doesn’t matter. It’s the right thing to do.

Cats are the most abused pets in UK says RSPCA.
Cats are the most abused pets in UK says RSPCA.

At least that way you know the pet you are supposed to have loved will be properly cared for and with luck find a new loving home.

Dumping them is not the answer, they could be hurt, or cause an accident in which someone else is injured.

I understand it could be embarrassing admitting you can’t cope or afford your pet any more, but the people at these rescues are used to people in those situations and they are not going to be judging you.

Lyncroft Care Home’s Sarah Perkins appealed for knitted and crocheted items to yarn bomb the railings outside the home.
Lyncroft Care Home’s Sarah Perkins appealed for knitted and crocheted items to yarn bomb the railings outside the home.

But if you mistreat your pet or dump it then if you are caught you will most certainly be judged, and no one wants to be considered callous, or face a fine for animal abuse.

As for people breeding pets thinking to make a quick buck or two, only to realise it is harder to do that they thought, and so end up dumping the unwanted results of that enterprise – well shame on you…

On a more positive note it never ceases to amaze me how generous some people can be with their time.

And one great example of that is the yarn bomb created by staff at Lyncroft Care Home in Wisbech.

A simple idea to say thank-you to the local community for the support it gives to the home by covering the home’s railings in colourful yarn, turned into a monstrous success.

A quick appeal on social media asking for donations of knitted and crotcheted items led to the home being ‘bombed’ itself with over 2,000 being sent in.

Lots of the colourful creations came from within the Wisbech area, but there were an awful lot more that came from across the country.

The parcels received containing these items brightened the day for residents and so the whole thing has proved a double win, not only putting a smile on the faces of those living at Lyncroft as they opened the packages, but also the faces of those passers-by who got to see the finished product…

This week saw the end of 118 years of local amateur dramatics with the announcement that one of the area’s longest running am dram groups has closed.

I’m not sure why the decision has been made to end the Wisbech Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society, but it is a sad day for all those would be thespians out there.

Not everyone can be Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling hitting the Hollywood big time and gracing our silver screens.

So groups like WOADS are a way for people to walk the boards, get the applause and enjoy performing in front of a live audience.

Over the years WOADS has delivered some memorable shows, to quite often sell-out audiences. Because that’s the other benefit of am dram groups – they provide an opportunity for people to enjoy a play or a show without having to fork out the extravagant costs of going to the West End.

Of course the productions aren’t necessarily as slick as you would find on Broadway or on a London stage, but they are usually well put together and provide an entertaining evening for all concerned.

So once again I say it’s a shame to see WOADS exit stage left…

For a fourth year running Fenland District Council has had not one complaint against it upheld.

A fantastic achievement, indeed, because let’s face it people are constantly moaning about the local powers that be especially on social media.

So it is equally amazing that Fenland only received 176 complaints in the past year, and of those only 10 made it to the local government ombudsman to investigate.

And once they had done their job, not one of those 10 were upheld.

That means, that whatever Fenland is doing, it must be doing it right, or the people that shout loudest on social media, don’t actually make those complaints through the proper channels and therefore their complaints are never properly dealt with.

But let’s for once give Fenland the benefit of the doubt and say well-done...

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