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'I support Wisbech town centre parking'

John Smithee wrote on November 13 on the issue of car parking in Wisbech town centre. He was for pedestrianisation. I am against it.

I support town centre parking.

It has been stated that there are not enough spaces close to the town centre.

Wisbech Market Place.
Wisbech Market Place.

So, allow controlled short-term pay parking in the town centre.

Spalding has very reasonably priced parking that achieves £250,000 a year, enough to pay for parking control in Wisbech, for the first time in a long time, with surplus revenue that might be used wisely.

If car drivers can afford to run a car, they can afford £1 to park their car.

It has also been suggested that multi-storey pay car parks should be built on Somers Road and St Peter’s car parks. This suggestion belongs with some of the hair-brained ideas of the town council.

The town has adequate parking spaces for what is on offer in the town.

If time had been taken to observe vehicle movements instead of dreaming up multi-storey, then a different view may have come forward.

Most of the vehicles coming to Wisbech are only doing so to get to the other side of town – the two bridges providing the only way through. Only a few percent stop in town.

Town centre parking allows busy people, who are working full-time, the opportunity of a quick shop.

The town centre and High Street had two-way traffic in the past, so there must be space for a line of controlled parking and still have a wide enough lane for all sizes of vehicles in a one-way system.

Newly-opened stores in the centre deserve to have nearby parking for their customers.

Charity shops survive from donations mainly dropped off from vehicles parked outside.

Andy Norman

Wisbech St Mary

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