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Wisbech incinerator plan: why are they persisting?

Things seem to be looking up regarding the incinerator (Citizen, March 4).

The Town Council and WisWin look like they will be co-ordinating their efforts. Brooke Weston Trust is employing experts to assess and monitor the planning application and processes MVV Environment Ltd will be going through to get their way.

The local MP (also a government minister) has a petition for people to sign.

The Fenland Citizen is standing against the incinerator with our readers. (31263610)
The Fenland Citizen is standing against the incinerator with our readers. (31263610)

Yet with all this determination ranged against them why are MVV persisting? They should have realised that dumping a waste burning plant in the midst of a small community would result in a fightback.

Do they know something we don’t? Is Wisbech a feint so that they get refused one location only to get the go-ahead on another as compensation? And will the new site still adversely affect the Fens, or do they have it all in the bag and Wisbech is to be handed to them on a plate?

What sort of people are they to pick on a small town which does not have the necessary infrastructure in place?

What sort of company would impact nearby schools with lorries and dust and road pollution and overall put a blight on the whole town?

Who but the most rapacious business would do what they are going to do to Wisbech? They must be the worst sort of company beyond any decent impulses.

Let’s hope that by us all working together, attending protest rallies, and making our feelings known during the sham tick boxing consultation due later this month, we’ll incinerate MVV Environment Ltd’s plans.

David Silver,



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