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Fenland club runs up Peterborough team prize hat-trick

Keep it Speedy L to R: Bethan Everson; Claudia Milburn; Ryan Jones; Martin Jennings; Richard Hammond (Captain); Shane Draper.
Keep it Speedy L to R: Bethan Everson; Claudia Milburn; Ryan Jones; Martin Jennings; Richard Hammond (Captain); Shane Draper.

Fenland Running Club demonstrated tremendous strength in depth at the Green Wheel Relay in Peterborough on Sunday by winning three of the six team category prizes – 1st Mixed, 1st Men’s Vet and 1st Ladies Vets (who were actually faster than the 1st Senior Ladies).

Organised by GPAN (Greater Peterborough Athletic Network which FRC have recently joined), the 50-mile course of seven stages starts at Peterborough athletics track.

It leads to Eye (8.16 miles), Newborough (4.11 miles), Etton (7.45 miles), Ferry Meadows (8.11 miles), Norman Cross (8.60 miles), Stanground Lock (7.61 miles) and returning to the Peterborough track (5.70 miles).

Fenland RC fielded seven of the 36 teams and as well as winning the three categories had some impressive individual Stage performances: in the Mixed Team, Claudia Milburn and Bethan Everson were first ladies on their Stage, Martin Jenning and Ryan Jones were 3rd, Andrew Plume was 4th and Shane Draper was 5th.

In the Men’s Vets, Tim Chapman was 4th and Graham Milham was 5th and in the Ladies Vets Team, Jay Gilbert and Ellen Connolly won their stages and Sarah Gauvin was 3rd. In other teams, Sean Connolly was 3rd on his stage and Ann Trett, Carol Bowett and Pam Reynolds were 2nd, 3rd and 5th ladies respectively.

Full results: Fenland ‘Keep it Speedy’ 1st Mixed Team in 5:27:30 (Andrew Plume 49:56; Claudia Milburn 30:02; Bethan Everson 51:28; Martin Jennings 50:46; Ryan Jones 55:09; Shane Draper 47:37; Mel Trayford 42:41. Fenland ‘Keep it Veteran’ 1st Men’s Vet Team in 5:50:48 (Paul Griffin 56:24; Tim Chapman 27:49; John Chapman 54:59; Rod Sinnott 57:15; Andre Pittock 1:03:21; Stuart Follen 51:27; Graham Milham 39:33). Fenland ‘Keep it Girly’ 1st Ladies Vet Team in 6:31:27 (Nicky Jennings 1:05:58; Cat Duce 34:00; Maire Irlam 1:00:39; Jay Gilbert 1:04:21; Sarah Gauvin 1:04:34; Ellen Connolly 57:57;Paulina Zub 43:58). Fenland ‘Keep it Tight’ in 6:43:25 (Paskey Ruggerio 1:13:44; Clive Harrod 34:31; Sean Connolly 49:44; Neil Bailey 1:11:56; Richard Agger 1:06:05; Ann Trett 58:05; Denise Griffin 49:20). Fenland ‘Keep it Going’ in 7:06:10 (Paul Weigand 1:00:04; Kristy Burton 45:52; Michelle Gilbert 1:06:57; Phil England 1:09:04; Ian King 1:16:26; Pam Reynolds 1:03:32; Ian Milburn 44:15). Fenland ‘Keep it Real’ in 7:11:23 (Max Pearson 1:03:05; Laura Bailey 42:08; Julie Garner 1:12:24; Sam Lyddiatt 1:11:10; Dan Wate 1:08:24; Carol Bowett 59:57; Joanne Clarke 54:15). Fenland ‘Keep on Smiling in 7:17:51 (Jane Greenwood 1:11:36; Tracey Else 38:37; Becky Murley 1:03:22; Larissa Follen 1:17:18; Tom Richards 1:00:21; Tracy Adams 1:07:37; Carol Slater-Garner 59:00).

On Friday Ian and Sally King raced in the Jack Rabbit events 5-mile Beacon Solstice Trail Run at Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire. Ian was 92nd in 43:20 and Sally was 293rd in 1:08:17.

In a 10K Summer Solstice near Grantham Paulina Zub was 251st in 47:28 (PB) and Richard Williams was 350th in 50:04 out of 841 finishers.

l March AC entered four mixed teams into the Green Wheel Relay on Sunday.

Some stand-out performances were from Lee Carey running stage one for the Calf Clenchers team; he completed the 8-mile course in 54 minutes 39 seconds, for 7th place overall.

Stage 2 with the Wards Warriors, Sue Ward completed her leg in 47 minutes 57 seconds,(33rd), Kevin Barnes finished with a strong performance 1 hour 1 minute (14th); Billy Bremner came storming home in leg 4 covering just over 8 miles in 57.22 (8th).

Stage 5 saw Pat Norris sail up the hills with a time of 1 hour 25 minutes for Jeannie’s Jokers.

End results for all teams were: Billy’s B*tches 6 hours 11 minutes 21 seconds, Calf Clenchers 7.17.08, Jeannies Jokers 7.44.18, Wards Warriors 7.49.11.

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