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New short mat pairs proves popular at March

Richard and Mary Paddy
Richard and Mary Paddy

An Aussie Rules Pairs competition was organised by the Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls Association and held at March Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday.

This format was new to most of the players as it gave them a chance not only to play with four woods instead of two but to change playing positions around to give each an opportunity to skip. This event will be a regular feature of the yearly diary.

The winners were Mary and Richard Paddy from Suffolk with 8 points +23 shots, second Tony Hart and Colin Buck with 8 points +19 shots and in third place Bill Harrison and Joe Peters who scored 6 points +30 shots.

Scores for the remaining players were as follows: Brenda/Charlie Waling 3 points +1 shot, Heather Dale/Maureen Nobbs 1 point +21 shots, Sandra Smith/Liz Mitchell 6 points +8 shots, Janet/John Goff 4 points -5 shots, Doreen Butcher/Josie Charter 6 points +17 shots, Mary Fox/Maureen Bell 0 points -20 shots, Sandra Deller/Pam Martell 3 points -9 shots, Geoff Ward/Barry Fox 2 points -4 shots, Jean/Derek Retchless 6 points +11 shots, Margaret Rea/Patrick Bretagne 1 point -28 shots, Linda White/Janet Russell 2 points -17 shots, Erika/Neil Thomas 4 points -2 shots, Margaret Strang/Rosemary Cooper 3 points -12 shots, Dawn/Roly Fincham 3 points Even shots, Pam Fayers/John Paddy 4 points +5 shots, Judith/Ray Fox 5 points +5 shots, Viv Hempsell/Gerry Russell 6 points +8 shots, Rob Bonello/Jayne Thorpe 3 points -9 shots.

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