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Wisbech and March Mark Farnham martial artists make the grade

Four times a year, students within the 14 Mark Farnham Schools have the opportunity to take part in Colour Belt Grading examinations.

The Grading on Sunday, January 15 saw 144 students attending, with some children down to the age of 4 years as well as adults of all ages were taking part; and achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

All students passed with good grades, and the examiner was Master Paul Donnelly 8th Dan.

These Gradings are taken at its King’s Lynn School located on Providence Street. Gradings are on Sundays and start with a one hour training session where the student runs through the requirements for their grading, and then they take part in their grading session.

Students all start at White belt and work though Yellow, Green, Blue and Red belt grades until they are ready to aim for their Black Belts which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of four, 8th Dan Masters and one 9th Dan Grand Master, to get to this stage will take a minimum of 3 ½ years but 4 years is more common depending on how well a student progresses.

Students receive their grades and belts at presentations which are held at their own School during the next week.

Results from schools, all students gaining their next level (Belt) - Wisbech, 3rd Kup: Ben Kenealy; 4th Kup: Thomas Burdett, Paul Handshaw; 5th Kup: Faye Ferguson, James Scott; 7th Kup: Charles Cowley, James Cowley; 8th Kup: Elli-Jo Handshaw, Edward Mauremootoo; 9th Kup: Charlotte Beck, Archie Davey, Lara Rose Hyland, Finlay Neaves.

Results, March, 4th Kup: Gavin Hobson; 7th Kup: Hasan Boyraz, Ashley Gould, Kier Meaghan, Tegan Mitchell; 9th Kup: Hayley Dolbear, Isabella Dolbear-Zaleska, Megan Dolbear-Zaleska, Alijah Doughty, Aymon Doughty, Jaime Nutter, Mollie Nutter, Nila Ramesh, Jacob Rayner, Cameron Wojtowych.

Anyone interested in learning a Tae Kwon-Do should contact Mark Farnham on 07771644460 or 01553 841880.

Visit the website www.mftkd.co.uk

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